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I help online store owners sell more. Let me show you how. 

Megan is an ADMA award winning marketer in the area of ecommerce strategy and digital marketing. 

Megan works with online store owners to help them increase conversion rates, make more sales and increase profit margins.

Megan has worked with a wide range of businesses from large global brands to start ups to help them grow via current digital marketing strategies. She has been featured in Lisa Messenger’s Collective Hub, Marketing Mag, B&T and is an expert founding author for Smallville business blog.  

My passion is marketing and I love helping online stores grow. 

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Free resources I've put together to help you sell more on your online store:


Watch my free training "The biggest mistake online store owners make (and how you can avoid it)"


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If you love learning, check out the most popular articles I've written on online marketing for Smallville Busines Blog. 

I have travelled the world helping online store owners sell more. 

Having worked with ecommerce store owners around the world, from start-ups to large global brands, I know there are several key factors to a successful and profitable online store. I also see the same costly mistake being made again and again and again.

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