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"Since working with Lume our enquiries have gone through the roof" - Boaz Keeda, Fibonacci Coffee


The Marketing Strategy You Wish You Had

We will create and deliver a marketing strategy that inspires and captivates your audience.

First we fully understand the current situation and determine what’s working, what’s not working, where you are now, where you want to go and any gaps. We then do our own research and draw on our experience and understanding. We align your vision and our thinking. You will have a road map in hand, which when executed, will generate results.

Delivering the strategic plan successfully requires discipline and flexibility – and the experience to know when they are necessary. It requires a highly passionate and experienced team to work hard for you to reveal the essence of your business to the right audience with purposeful, considered marketing.

If that sounds like what you want – then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Clients Include

What Our Clients Say

“You have delivered time and TIME again and I can’t thank you enough! Keeping me calm while you took on all the stress, and kept going. Head-bowed, hand-held bows to you for all your work and effort, for every single thought that went into the most finest of details. Thank you times a million.” – Rosie Chehade Aiello, Happiness Lifestyle (New Branding & Website Strategy)

“I have been working with Megan Winter on my Facebook Ads and she is nothing short of an expert! She made the whole process simple and easy to digest. Her expertise was evident through the outstanding results I received in growing my Facebook page, inviting my niche market to my live events and many more things. She is a MASTER at her craft.” – Janette Ishiyama, Image Consultants

Megan and her team from Lume marketing have been nothing short of illuminating.  Prior to engaging with Lume we felt that we were missing a big part of the business we deserve. Lume have helped us focus our attention on what’s important and get clearer on who we want to do business with including,  where and how to best find these people. They have helped us identify what our essence is and how we can help touch and elevate people’s lives. Since being with Lume our enquiries have gone through the roof and we are looking to smash this years goals and surpass them.  Lume is the ultimate outsourced marketing division for any aspiring business.  The best thing we love about the team and Lume is that they are always happy to hear from us and, they go above and beyond what we expect every time. Boaz Keeda CEO, Founder Fibonacci Coffee Group (Outsourced Marketing Department)

Your Success Is Our Success
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Social Media

Just because social media is free it doesn’t mean it won’t cost you anything. In fact, if not done correctly, it can be extremely detrimental to your brand.

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your customers regularly keeps you at top of their inbox and top of their mind.

Content Creation

Content really is king. Your business needs to publish regular content that adds value to your clients lives.

Results Generation

The entire point of marketing is to make sure it generates a return on investment.